Texas Crossroads

August 2020 -- Texas Crossroads looks great in rich colors. It really shines done in batiks. Connecting Threads is featuring the pattern in their September catalog. It's available in a kit, which includes the pattern and fabric from their Imperial Elegance collection. Or you can buy just the pattern and use your own gorgeous fabrics.

Facebook Sommersville

August 2020 -- Maywood Studio is shipping their gorgeous Sommersville collection to quilt shops this month. So beautiful! I fell so in love with these fabrics I used them when updating my Mother's Fancy pattern. The fabrics also do well in Garden Maze. Both patterns are available on my Payhip page, https://payhip.com/brendaplaster.

 Facebook Bow Tie

August 2020 -- P&B Textiles is shipping their Terra 2 collection now. The fabrics are beautiful tonals to use alone, as I did in illustrating my Bow Tie pattern, or to complement other fabrics in your design. Bow Tie is a classic block, often colored to emphasize the bow tie. But I was interested in creating more of a woven look, soft and a bit subtle in Terra 2 or more pronounced done in P&B's Berry Nice fabrics. The pattern is available on Payhip.

Elles Flower Garden

Facebook Elles table topper

June 2020 -- Elle's Flower Garden is a design I did earlier in a larger size. The quilt works well as a smaller quilt, to be used as a table topper or wall hanging. Connecting Threads is featuring the pattern for this new pattern in their current catalog. They offer a  kit including the pattern and fabrics from their Wild Crimson collection, shown top left. Or you can buy just the pattern and use some of those beautiful fabrics from your stash.

Tumbling Jacks

June 2020 -- Remember the game Jacks? It was brought to mind when designing this quilt. The pattern has just been released by Connecting Threads. The pattern and fabrics from their Kindred Blossoms collection, shown at left, can be purchased as a kit, or you can buy just the pattern as a PDF download.The design is shown in a different color way at right.

Interlaced Blocks Embroidered Elegance

January 2020 -- Benartex has just released a beautiful collection, Embroidered Elegance. I love the way fabrics from the collection look in my design, Interlaced Blocks. The block used in the design is also known as True Lover's Knot; isn't that a great name? The pattern, available on Payhip, has instructions for two sizes. Quilt 1 can be used as a table topper or wall hanging. Quilt 2 is a great size for use as a recliner throw. 

Summer Shadows

January 2020 -- Connecting Threads has just published their Winter catalog. It features my Summer Shadows pattern. It's shown at left made from their Ava's Cottage collection. They offer a kit which includes these fabrics as well as the pattern. At right the design uses the Tesselations Twice collection Blank Quilting is releasing in February. The pattern is also available on Payhip (https://payhip.com/b/8vIj).

CT Garden Maze2

November 2019 -- Garden Maze continues to be popular. The pattern has been updated, illustrated in Penelope Grace fabrics from Connecting Threads and is available from Connecting Threads as part of a kit or just the PDF pattern. A slightly different version of the pattern is available from my Payhip page (https://payhip.com/b/pj8o).

Stars of Heaven2

October 2019 -- I love this quilt! Quilter's World is featuring it in their current issue. Its name, Stars of Heaven, was inspired by the names of the quilt blocks used, Star of Hope (also known as Ohio Star) and Road to Heaven. The fabrics (so beautiful!) are from the Pearl Essentials and Color Weave collections by Benartex. The stitch design is Coil from Urban Elementz

Sunny Lanes CT

November 2019 -- Sunny Lanes is one of my favorite designs. I've resized and updated the pattern for Connecting Threads. A kit is available using fabrics from their Penelope Grace collection, shown at left. Or you can buy a PDF download of just the pattern. The design is shown at right in a different color scheme. The pairing of red and aqua is a bit unusual, but works very well in this quilt. The quilt stitching design is Patina from Urban Elementz; I love the texture it gives the quilt.

Souvenir Red Tidings

October 2019 -- McCall's Quick Quilts has published their December/January 2020 issue. My quilt, Red Tidings, is featured.This is a great design to highlight large scale fabrics.The rich florals from the Riveria Rose collection by Andover Fabric were perfect. The block is a variation of the classic Souvenir block. Photo by McCall's.

Dog On It

September 2019 -- I love the richness of color and playfulness of themes in fabrics designed by Ann Lauer of Grizzly Gulch Gallery. I used fabrics from her Cat-ITude collection to illustrate my Sunny Lanes pattern so wanted to see how her new collection, Dog On It, would look in the design. I love it! So whether you are a dog lover or a cat lover (or maybe both?), you can make a fun quilt to enjoy.


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