Zeta quilt 

December 2013 - The past few weeks have been spent quilting quilts to be given as gifts. Some were those made by others that I quilted. Others were memory quilts that were commissioned, made from t-shirts and/or clothing owned by a loved one. I so love working on these projects, as these are gifts with special meaning. A lot of thought and love was "poured into", as a friend says, into these gifts. One of the memory quilts I made is pictured above. It's a t-shirt quilt composed of sorority t-shirts the recepient collected while in college.

Summer Stars Glamour 2

October 2013 - Connecting Threads features this quilt in their new catalog. The blocks create a wonderful secondary design and starburst effect. The fabrics used are from the Lasting Legacies collection. Pattern available at www.connectingthreads.com. Photo by Connecting Threads.

Tribute to Virginia

September 2013 - Two classic blocks, Virginia and Star of Virginia, combine to form this design. I especially like this quilt because I'm a Virginia native and I love blue quilts. Fabrics are from the Indigo Patchwork collection by Connecting Threads. The pattern is available from Connecting Threads.

mellwood art fair poster 

The Mellwood Art Center in Louisville, Kentucky, will be hosting an Art Fair on September 7 and 8. Carvin' Artist Bob Gibson, my husband, and I will be exhibiting at the fair and invite you to view--and purchase--the art that will be on display. This weekend would be a great time to visit the Center; in addition to the Art Fair the Center will host The Art of the Quilt exhibit during the month of September.

scattered leaves 1

July 2013 - When I saw the Harvest Fare fabric collection by Quilting Treasures, I knew it would make a beautiful quilt. This quilt and its pattern is featured in the Sept/Oct 2013 issue of Quiltmaker magazine. Photo by Quiltmaker magazine.

elles flower garden

July 2013 - Elle's Flower Garden, featuring beautiful florals from Quilting Treasures, is featured in the August/September issue of The Quilter magazine.

red and white delight

July 2013 - The July/August issue of Quilt-it...today magazine features this quilt. The block, Carrie Nation, is simple, beautiful and versatile. What more can you ask? Photo by Quilt-it...today.

cut glass dish 1

April 2013 - The Cut Glass Dish block can be the basis for a stunning quilt with the right placement of fabrics. This quilt uses fabrics from the Botanical Beauty collection by Connecting Threads. Pattern available thru their website or catalog. Photo by Connecting Threads.

wills quilt

March 2013 - This quilt was commissioned for a young man who asked for a quilt that included "everything that I love". This was a fun quilt to make, especially since I knew it was going to be owned and loved by such a remarkable boy as Will. Photo by Progressive Studio.


January 2013 - Ardmore Oil Fields was created as a special gift. The design was a collaboration with family members of the recipient, who works in the oil industry in Ardmore, Oklahoma. The blocks used are called Ardmore and Oklahoma Oil Fields. Everything--the block names, fabrics used, design and colors--came together to create a quilt that seemed just meant to be. Photo by MS Rezny.

Mexican Rose                                    

January 2013 - This fabric collection, Symphony of Reds, is gorgeous. The colors are so rich. The fabrics were perfect for this design; I so enjoyed working with them. Pattern available from Connecting Threads. Photo by Connecting Threads.

artsyhome linkArtsyHome features some incredible handmade products for the home. Their site is a feast for the eyes. Some of my quilts are available for purchase through ArtsyHome. (If you see a quilt you are interested in purchasing that's not on ArtsyHome, contact me; it may be available directly from me or through one of the galleries that carry my quilts.)


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