Brenda at the quilting machine

Although Brenda designs original quilts for purchase, much of her work is commissioned by companies and individuals.

If you know exactly what you want, great! But you may just have an idea you’d like to explore. It could be a theme, color palette or design you’d like to use. That beginning could be developed into the creation of a beautifully appropriate quilt for someone.

If you love designing and piecing quilts but don’t have time to quilt them, Brenda can complete the quilt for you. Your choice of batting, backing and binding will be used; Brenda can supply these materials if you’d like. The quilt will be finished off with a printed label stating whatever you would like documented about the quilt—quilt maker, name of the quilt, when it was created, etc.

Pricing is based on the size and complexity of the quilt or top. To inquire about commissioning a piece, email Brenda.


Brenda Plaster

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